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Clay Montgomery is one of the most trusted leaders in the industry. If he is selling traffic, then I’m buying! If you’re looking for quality you’ve found it!
Frank Calabro Jr.

Planet Millionaire

I will continue to recommend Clay Montgomery’s Done For You Solos because I got results…plus Clay actually checked my link to make sure he sent it to the right list. Customer service goes a long way with me. I got 2 PLS Gold signups too and it’s only been a few days.
Renee Sullivan

Clay Montgomery is a buddy of mine and he’s been generating traffic with SOLO ADS for many years. I recommend you test his traffic and keep this link in your list of “go to” sources for traffic via solo ads.
Franco Gonzalez

Attraction List Building

This is the best campaign I’ve run so far. Here are the numbers…
Clicks Ordered:  200 (Opal Pkg)
Delivered:  217
Opt Ins:  47
Sales:  3 <== !!!
Awesome Results!
Jay Dyson

Clay delivered big time results! Although I didn’t get any signups as of now, I did get 83 opt-ins from a 200 click order. It’s all about building a solid list and the signups will come. I’ll be back for more traffic!!
Andre Frank

The speed of the delivery was surprising and I received an opt in rate WAY MORE than the industry average. The leads were responsive and so far I’ve already had one paid sign up! I’m still following up with them and I look forward to ordering again!
Tony Torres

I’m new to the game and was referred by a trusted friend and experienced internet marketer. Clay was SOOOO easy to work with and truly professional. The solo ad he created converted just shy of 50%. Great start. Thanks Clay. Delivers!
Brett Nadel

How soon will my traffic start?
It takes 2-4 business days for us to process each order and for your traffic to begin. Depending on how many clicks you order, it can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days to deliver it all. Please see pricing table details above for Delivery Time.
What niche is your traffic best suited for?
All of our partners’ lists are in the Biz Opp or Make Money Online niche. They are primarily looking for a business opportunity. However, if you have something like a marketing tool, educational course or service that all Internet Marketers would benefit from then that too would be a good fit for our traffic.
What do you need from me when I order?
The only thing we need from you is the link to your lead capture page, which you will need to add to the checkout form where indicated. We take care of your ad copy for you once we have looked at your offer.
What is this Click Back Rewards program you have and how does it work?
It’s similar to Cash Back Rewards that some credit card companies offer but in this case you earn Clicks. The more you purchase from us the more free clicks you get. For every 2500 clicks you purchase from us, we will give you 100 FREE Clicks. There is no limit on the number of free clicks you can earn. This is a $77 value each time, absolutely FREE as a Thank You for choosing for your solo ad traffic needs.
How do I claim my Click Back Rewards free clicks?
When you have met the 2,500 click purchase requirement, simply contact our support department and include proof of purchase to request your free 100 clicks.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Afraid not. We opted to do 2 other things instead. Offer lower prices across the board and offer our Click Back Rewards program. Our traffic is the same level of quality that others sell for $0.90 to $1.30 per click. In many cases much better quality.

If the quality is good and you get better conversions than you have anywhere else then there’s plenty of incentive to share the source, right? Especially if the people you’re sharing with are in your downline or in your upline and people above you can drop people below you. So you still benefit but likely a lot more than with a small affiliate commission.